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Two For The Price Of One,

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A Chicago Native and Artistic Pisces, Poetic Flow™ first began writing poetry in 1985. Her poetry captures the essence of everyday life, situations, circumstances, faith, spirituality, encouragement, motivation and more.  She is inspired to write by the universe (i.e. people, family, friends, strangers, feelings, thoughts, etc.) She self-published her first book of poems in 2008 "Poetic Flow: Poetry For Your Soul" through AuthorHouse Publishing Company. In June 2014, she self-published through Xlibris Publishing Company, two new books "Love~In~Life Poetry" and "Positive Vibes by Poetic Flow."  You can purchase any and/or all of her books via the BOOKS tab above or,
the book cover images below on this website.
SKIN COMPLEXION - by Poetic Flow (music by Gemrico)
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