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A Chicago Native and Artistic Pisces, Poetic Flow™ first began writing poetry in 1985. Her poetry captures the essence of everyday life, situations, circumstances, faith, spirituality, encouragement, motivation and more.  She is inspired to write by the universe (i.e. people, family, friends, strangers, feelings, thoughts, etc.) She self-published her first book of poems in 2008 "Poetic Flow: Poetry For Your Soul" through AuthorHouse Publishing Company. In June 2014, she self-published through Xlibris Publishing Company, two new books "Love~In~Life Poetry" and "Positive Vibes by Poetic Flow."  You can purchase any and/or all of her books via the BOOKS tab above on this website.
In April 2013, she officially started her POSITIVE VIBES T-Shirt line and has also been doing personal poetic quotes for various celebrities (see CELEBRITIES tab above).
In July 2014, Poetic Flow™ partnered with a local t-shirt vendor to bring you better pricing & variety. You can purchase t-shirts on this website under the POSITIVE VIBES STORE tab.
From 2014-2016 Poetic Flow™ was co-owner of an Independent Television & Film Studio, No Budget Studio.  Also 2014 / 2015, Poetic Flow™ established JB Consulting, which she ultimately has merged with Poetic Flow Productions LLC, where she utilizes her business and creative background/experience to help create a solid foundation for individuals, small business owners, filmmakers, artists, etc. with  their business needs, filming needs, pre and post production needs and more.  Poetic Flow Productions LLC was officially incorporated in 2016. Visit the website at Poetic Flow™ is also a Photographer, see her work at so be sure to check her out if you are in need!

Poetic Flow™ has reached thousands if not millions with her poetry & positive vibes, extending from the United States to the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, New Zealand and various other places across the map. 
Her MOTTO is "Inspiring, Motivating & Encouraging the World - One Poem/Positive Vibe at a Time."


Various celebrities, such as Tichina Arnold, Golden Brooks, Lisa Vidal, Janet Hubert, Garcelle Beauvais, and Shondrella Avery, just to name a few, have showcased Poetic Flow™ poetry & positive vibes on their social media sites.


Poetic Flow™ was approached by a publicist working with Dr. Jackie Walters of Bravo TV's "Married to Medicine" and asked to write a poem for a banquet she had honoring women who have and have survived breast cancer.  Poetic Flow™ wrote the self-entitled poem "50 Shades of Pink" for Dr. Jackie's 50 Shades of Pink Organization's banquet.

Janet Hubert narrated Poetic Flow™ poem "Why Am I Called Angry", you can view it above by clicking the POETRY VIDEOS tab.

Poetic Flow™  made her poetic intro / outro debut on a music track with Kaizyer, J Blizz, Prez-P and Mr. Klutch on the track "No Promises" - listen here
Poetic Flow™ was contacted by to be a part of INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE in which her poem "OPPORTUNITY" was broadcasted on their website above from her YouTube channel along with many other artists.

Poetic Flow™  provided vocals for "Two Nations" Film as a Soundtrack Artist for the Writer, Creator and Producer, Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst. Poetic Flow™  did the vocals for Ruby's poem "Healing" with music by Wilfredo "Gemrico" Rodriguez. ( Film coming soon!
Poetic Flow™ via her Positive Vibes by Poetic Flow™
T-Shirt line has created personal poetic quotes for a host of celebrities who are currently rockin' her gear. Such celebrities as Shondrella Avery (actress/producer), Cynda Williams-Plummer (actress), Janet Hubert (actress), Terri J. Vaughn (actress/Founder of Take Wings Foundation), KeKe Wyatt (singer/RBDivasATL), Tichina Arnold (actress), Kim Coles (comedian/actress), Malinda Williams (actress), Daphne Wayans (TV Personality/Relationship Expert), Michel'le (singer/RBDivasLA), Sinbad (comedian/actor), Lisa Vidal (actress/Being Mary Jane), just to name a few -- as well as organizations such as We Win Foundation #FightForLupus, sister of Tichina Arnold, Zenay Arnold & #TheArnoldGirlzFightLupus. Be sure to visit POSITIVE VIBES STORE here on this website to get your gear & see MUCH MORE!
Poetic Flow™ was interviewed by Pink Noire, check out the interview here
Janet Hubert narrated Poetic Flow™ poem "Black History 2014", check out the YouTube video right here
Poetic Flow™ was featured on BasicPrincipal, LLC website OFFICIAL FEATURE
Poetic Flow™ was featured on Motivational Speaker, Tunette Powell's website, see the information and link here --- "Via Twitter: Tuesdays with Tunette! My new post is a must read! Chicago native @PoeticFlow310 addresses Chicago gun violence, -- Tunette Powell (@TPBabySteps)"
Janet Hubert in her opening performance of her one woman show "Broadway TV now back to me" that premiered in Daytona Beach, Florida, incorporated Poetic Flow's poem "A CONVERSATION WITH GOD (c)2007" into her act and will be bringing the longer version of the show to New York City later this year. Ms. Hubert will also be opening the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival on October 3, 2013 and has once again, incorporated Poetic Flow's poem.
Poetic Flow™ was contacted by WORLD POETRY MOVEMENT and they published her poem "Mother Earth" in a beautiful coffee-table edition of their book "Stars In Our Hearts" scheduled for November 2011 release. Suzanne Hilary, Managing Editor said, "Your poem was selected for publication on the basis of your unique talent and artistic vision. Of thousands of poems we read each year, only a fraction are published. We feel you have a special talent and look forward to the publication of your poem in Stars in Our Hearts, Congratulations!" For the record everyone, just let me say, I wrote "Mother Earth" after having a conversation with Janet Hubert, so thank you my sista for the inspiration to write this piece!
Poetic Flow™ gave official approval to her friend Janet Hubert (Original Aunt Vivian on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) to use a poem she wrote for the main character in Janet's children book "JG and The BC Kids" currently in production to be released as well as approval to have Janet recite selected poetry via YouTube.
Poetic Flow™ was honored to be featured in the book DREAM REACHERS II authored & co-authored by the award-winning authors of DREAM REACHERS, Chase Von and Betty Dravis. Pick up your copy today at

Poetic Flow™ made her Radio Commercial Debut with D.B.V. Productions which is a commercial that airs in Raleigh, North Carolina, in which she recites her poem LIFE IS LIKE A DECK OF CARDS.
Poetic Flow™ was named the 2008 National Poetry Month Ambassador by the International Library of of Poetry.
May 2008, Poetic Flow™ published her first book of poems "Poetic Flow - Poetry For Your Soul" a treasured 125 page book of poems.
Poetic Flow™ poem "Make It Stop" was featured on Zelda Robinson's website HIGHER LEARNING (known for N'Sprirational Conversations with Troi Tyler on V103 and Gospel Radio 1390 in Chicago, IL).  Zelda states "There is so much drama and chaos happening in Chicago, it's heartbreaking.  Children are being assassinated in their own neighborhoods.  This nonsense must cease.  In honor of the injured and deceased, today's inspiration comes from a Chicago Poet, Poetic Flow." 
Poetic Flow™ poem "Make It Stop" which focuses on the unsettling violence that has been going on in Chicago, IL was featured on one of Chicago's Radio Station DJ's webpage (Casper - bka Mr. C The Slide Man, musical artist who brought you the Cha-Cha Slide).
Poetic Flow™ was nominated to include her poetry in the Best Poems and Poets of 2007 through the International Library of Poetry and  Howard Ely, Managing Editor states, "Over the past year or so, we have been reviewing the thousands of poems submitted to us, as well as examining the poetic accomplishments of people whose poetry has appeared on the Internet and in various editions released by other poetry publishers in America and Europe. After an exhaustive examination of this poetic artistry, the International Library of Poetry wishes to feature an entire page dedicated exclusively to the poetry of Poetic Flow.  Your poetry will be featured along with the work of a distinguished group of approximately 200 of the Best Poets who were selected to participate in this special project. You were selected for publication on the basis of your unique talent. The new poem that you will submit for this edition has been tentatively accepted for publication because your previously published poetry sparks the imagination and presents the reader with a fresh, unique perspective on life. We believe you to be one of the most interesting poets we have encountered, so we wish to feature your artistry in this special edition.  We feel you have a special talent and we believe your poem will add to the importance and appeal of this edition. Your contribution to this project is greatly appreciated. It is our pleasure to publish fine poetry such as yours in this historic volume of The Best Poems and Poets of 2007."
Poetic Flow™ poem "Simple Click" was certified as a semi-finalist in the International Open Poetry Contest through  Howard Ely, Managing Editor states, "Your poem Simple Click was selected for publication in IMMORTAL VERSES based on your unique talent and artistic vision.  We believe it will add to the importance and appeal of this edition."
Nigel Hillary of Noble House (New York-London-Paris) appointed Poetic Flow™ as Poet Fellow 2007 stating "The Poet Fellowship is an elite group of international writers who share a common passion for writing.  In recent years, the number of Poet Fellows has grown with members from all over the world, starting in London and quickly spreading to New York, Paris, Venice...  I was extremely delighted with your work and I feel you deserve this type of recognition.  Many people write poetry for years and never obtain the level of artistry that is present in your work.  You should be proud of your accomplishment, we encourage you to keep striving to be the best and leading your local writing community by example." and The International Library of Poetry awarded Poetic Flow™ the Prestigious Editor's Choice Award for her Outstanding Achievement in Poetry. Her poem "Poetic Flow" was also featured in a deluxe hardbound edition of poetry put together by the International Library of Poetry.
Elizabeth H. House, Managing Director of Dorrance Publishing says, "Your poetry presents a collection exploring the layers of emotion often defining the human condition. You incorporate an understanding of certain spiritual principles, frequently citing faith as a means whereby a person might overcome even the most daunting of perceived obstacles. Along the way, you highlight qualities relating to courage, loyalty, and love in various forms."  Ms. House went on to comment on various poems by Poetic Flow, stating..."Several selections emphasize the notion of cultural identity such as 'A-Z Black American Poem' in which you use letters of the alphabet as a kind of anagram to define aspects of the title idea. Other poems such as 'This Thing Called Life' and 'Think About It' envision a virtual link between the earthly and the divine.  Also your poem 'In The End' refers to life as a {learning experience}, from the pain normally accompanying loss to the strength that may come through faith, friendship, or family.  Overall your poetry offers a designation to mark phases of journey's as well as to enlighten and provoke thought for the readers who may be following a similar path."
Poetic Flow™ was nominated and selected as a United States of America 2007 POETRY AMBASSADOR through the International Library of Poetry.


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